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Your trusted collision repairer, servicing the Esperance region!


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The ESR Repair section is a fully equipped workshop uses the latest Repair Industry Techniques & equipment. Electronic measuring & straightening using a Caroliner 4200kg Benchrack & Car-O-Tronic Realtime measuring, Caroliner CTR12000 Inverter Spot Welder, Pro-Spot PR2000 Spot Welder & Telwin Digital Dent Puller 5000,  2 x Powerex 3000kg Scissor Lift Platforms.

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The ESR Automotive Refinish Dept as partnered with Global Autocoat using Spies Hecker Permahyd Water-Based Coatings & Spectro Colour Matching Technology. The refinish section is equipped with 1 full Downdraft Drive-In Spray Booth, InfraRed Curing Lamps & Dustless Sanding Stations. 

About Us


Esperance Smash Repairs was established in 1976 by Colin & Sue Symonds. In 2006 David & Melisa Rowe purchased the business and continued to provide Esperance and the surrounding districts high quality of workmanship and customer service. Esperance Smash Repairs is the largest repairer in Esperance, with a 1330 square meter, a purpose-built workshop that can store over 30 vehicles under its main roof. The company currently has 15 staff, all with a wealth of knowledge within the Automotive Repair and Paint Industry.


Preferred Repairer for:

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Shane Reilly

Great place to leave your car if you have the misfortune to damage it. Technically up to date and very well run with customer focus one of their strongest traits.

2018 - Google Reviews 

Josh McCartney

Great service experience. We needed assistance to get work done during our holidays. They completed when they promised (quickly), to a high level and gave our whole car a thorough clean as well! Will definitely recommend.👍🏻

2018 - Google Reviews 

G2IT IT Services Fremantle & Esperance

We are highly recommending Esperance Smash Repairs. David and his team are experienced, knowledgeable and honest. They repair in a timely manner and are very easy to deal with.

2020 - Google Reviews 

Hayley Edwards

Thank God for this company and all its staff who fixed my issue when I needed help the most love them bless them💜🌼🌿🕊️ Namaeste

2021 - Google Reviews 

Jacinta Montgomery

Awesome customer service. They fitted a temporary window while waiting for the specific window order to arrive, then even offered to deliver the car back to us afterwards as we were on holiday and didn't have another car to collect.

2021 - Google Reviews 

Rob Whillock

David supplied me some free advice about getting the hire car fixed that I accidentally damaged. I real nice guy.

2021 - Google Reviews 

Sharon Thompson

Very accommodating. Good quality service. Just really nice honest people. (Thanks guys!)

2021 - Google Reviews 



Q: How do I start the repair process?

A: Either visit the repairer so that they can assess the damage and provide you with some advice regarding the repair and the insurance process. Or you can contact your insurer first to lodge a claim, from there we can assess the damage and advise you from there.


Q: Can you do a quick repair?

A: Each repair needs to be assessed individually and sometimes temporary repairs can be done to keep the car mobile, but all repairs need to be completed to industry standard and vehicle manufacturer safety requirements. 


Q: Can I do the repairs and then claim later?

A: Yes you can, but full reimbursement from your insurer may not happen, so it is always advisable to get insurer authorisation before the repairs.

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